And the wall came tumbling down…


During the school break in July, a neighboring property built a wall…directly beside our current wall.

Because of the construction of this wall, the water was not able to drain away from our property the way that it previously did. In September, we realized that the water was now draining through the wall in very dangerous ways.

Friday night, October 11, 2019..the wall came tumbling down.

It smashed the playground structure – but the slide was able to be saved.

We are incredibly grateful that the wall fell during the night during mid-semester break, so no one was at school or injured when it fell.

Fall 2019 – Greenhouse class pictures

5/6 Grade Class – Teacher Mrs. Barb Lane
3/4 Grade Class – Teacher Miss Melissa Dillenbeck
(Helper Abby the dog)
1/2 Grade Class – Teachers Mrs. Elizabeth Roettele and Mrs. Lori Shinar
Kindergarten class – Mrs. Renee Isaac
4 year old Preschool Class – Teacher Mrs. Rachel Penkoff
(Kindergarten joins with the Preschool class on Monday and Wednesday mornings)
Three year old French Immersion Preschool
Teacher – Miss Monique Um

The Amazing Squad Egg Drop


As part of the 1/2 grade science class, the students were tasked to drop an egg off the balcony without it breaking.

The first day – they tried with plastic Easter Eggs.

The second day they used hard boiled eggs.

The final test on the third day was with real eggs. Unfortunately – all the eggs broke. The class is learning that with engineering, as well as many other things in life, you often don’t get it right the first time.

Mr. Shinar, an engineer, came later to work with the students to find success in their project.

The First Egg drop with Mr. Shinar included a pillow and a parachute. The egg did not break.

The second time, they tried to decide what was necessary and what was extra, so they took away the pillow and left the parachute. Again, the egg did not break.

The third and final time, they used padding from the pillow, but took away the parachute. The egg broke this time.

The main goal was to tackle a hard project and to realize that failure is part of the learning process. Through many failures and some successes the students learned about trying, failing, asking for help, rethinking and trying again.

August 2019 JLS Specials


Our afternoons during August JLS were filled with basketball and Egyptian art. So thankful for our many parent volunteers who worked hard to make these so fun!


During our last day of JLS, we had a basketball shootout – a chance for our kids to show their parents what they learned –and also a chance for our parents to shoot as well.

Egyptian Art

Egyptian Pop Art

August JLS 2019 Highlights


It is so hard to summarize all the fun and learning that took place during our August Joint Learning Session. We studied Ancient Egypt, did research reports, played basketball, did art projects, and SO much more.

5/6 Grade Class– A few of their highlights were studying the human body and did research reports on an organ and performed a play about building the pyramids.

The 3/4 class worked hard on research projects on animals and fish and dioramas depicting Egyptian life and culture.

The 1/2 Grade class worked on superhero character traits, library skills, and did lots of hands on learning about Egypt.

The Kindergarten class met in the afternoons and focused on letters, counting, and learning about Egypt.

The 4-year old preschool class started the year with a unit on dinosaurs.

The 3-year old preschool class is a French Immersion class. They are learning body parts, weather, and emotions. They even play games in French.

August 2019 JLS Group Pictures


Grades 1-6
August 16, 2019
The required silly picture!
3-year old preschool
4 year old preschool and Kindergarten with Mrs. Penkoff
Kindergarten with Mrs. Hamm
Grades 1/2 with Mrs. Roettele and Mrs. Shinar
Grades 3/4 with Miss Dillenbeck
Grade 5/6 with Mrs. Lane