August 2019 JLS Group Pictures


Grades 1-6
August 16, 2019
The required silly picture!
3-year old preschool
4 year old preschool and Kindergarten with Mrs. Penkoff
Kindergarten with Mrs. Hamm
Grades 1/2 with Mrs. Roettele and Mrs. Shinar
Grades 3/4 with Miss Dillenbeck
Grade 5/6 with Mrs. Lane

2019 Summer Reading Program Rewards


Our 2019 Summer reading challenge was to read a minimum of 900 minutes. Bronze level participants who read between 900-1,499 minutes during our school vacation (May 30-August 4) were rewarded a prize from the prize box. Silver level participants who read between 1,500-1,799 minutes earned a prize and a new book. Gold level participants read more than 1,800 minutes and earned a prize, a book, and a trip to Ci Gusta to have some ice cream.

Decisions…decisions! What kind of ice cream do I want…

So proud of our students for reading over 52,000 minutes this summer! Way to go!

First Day of August 2019 Joint Learning Session


Our first time getting lined up in our classroom lines.

Going over recess expectations…

Singing our welcome song…
“We’ve been waiting to you to come to this place
…if you’ve come from Dimako we’ve been waiting for you.
…if you’ve come from Mayos…
…if you’ve come from Mbuda…
…if you’ve come from America…
…if you’ve come from Canada…
…if you’ve come from Korea…
…wherever you’re from we’re so glad that you’ve come,
we’ve been waiting for you to come to this place.”
–Song by Tom Hunter

Pining Ceremony – Every student has a pin with their initials on it. We moved the pin from where they spent their summer to Yaounde – since we are all here for JLS.

Pineapple Harvest


In November 2017, the Greenhouse students went on a field trip to a pineapple plantation. Each family was given a pineapple plant to take home. After many months, some of the pineapples have been harvested and eaten. Yum!

Group picture on November 17, 2017 with the pineapple plants.

Another family said, ” We ate our pineapple a few weeks ago. It was small, but really one of the nicest pineapples we’ve had…no picture though.”

The Santos Family planted the top of this pineapple after it was eaten, so now they have 2 pineapple plants.

So thrilled that our students can experience the unique tropical growing experiences in Africa.

Class Pictures — Second Semester


As is the case in many transitional communities, our roster of students changes sometimes from month to month. So it is hard to know how to take a class picture. Here are the class pictures from the end of second semester for the 2018-2019 school year.

6th Grade – Mrs. Lane
5th grade – Mrs. Lane
3/4 Grade – Mrs. Schmidt (Mrs. Penkoff not pictured)
2nd Grade – Miss Smith
Kindergarten and 1st Grade – Miss Smith (Mrs. Roettele not pictured)

3/4 Grade Pizza Biographies


The 3/4 grade class has been reading biographies this quarter. Each student chose a different person to read about and study. After they read the books, they did a “Pizza Biography” about their person. A local pizza shop donated boxes for them to use for their reports.

At the end of the unit, (May 4th) the students had a field trip to “La Pizzeria” to celebrate their accomplishments and to show the owners their projects.

Traffic was so light they had some extra time, so they stopped at Club Hippique to see some horses on the way home.

Class of 2025


We spent some time celebrating these students and their accomplishments yesterday (April 22). Mrs. Santos challenged all the students to keep pressing forward into what God had next for them. Keep running the race set before them.

Mrs. Lane spoke individually about each student – their personalities, their strengths, possible professions that might fit them, and a personal challenge.

“How do you eat a whale? One bite at a time.”

As a class they often discuss that big projects or problems must be tackled in small pieces. Each student received a wooden fish to remind them that in the future when they face large tasks or difficult problems – that you take them little by little.

“One bite at a time”