Preschool, Fall 2014


Rachel Penkoff and Heidi Huizenga teach preschool two mornings a week with a delightful group of 4-year olds.  There are eight students in the class.  Here’s some of what took place in preschool in the past week.IMG_2791 IMG_2795 IMG_2798 IMG_2822

World Teacher’s Day


October 5 is World Teacher’s Day.  In Cameroon, the teachers and staff get an outfit or skirt made from the special pagne (fabric).  Here’s the 2014 staff. Left to right: Naomi Emberson, Kay Watts, Katie Majorins, Barb Lane, Mary Santos, Karen Merry.

World Teacher's Day, 5 October 2014

World Teacher’s Day, 5 October 2014

Pictured below is another one of our staff member’s for 2014, DeAnna Anderson.  However, she wasn’t present for the group photo.


Start of the Academic Year


We started the academic year on August 11th with the August Joint Learning Session (JLS).  It was a wonderful time focusing on the historical theme of Age of Science and Exploration.  Kindergarten through Grade 6 focused on advances in science, industrialization and much much more.  We are blessed to have a full teaching staff, a full administrative staff and a large student population.

August JLS School Photo

Lined up and Ready

The students are lined up and ready for the school day to begin!