March JLS Science Challenge – Grades 3/4


Every day, the 3/4 class had a science challenge during our March JLS.

Building a barge that won’t sink.

Building the tallest structure using straws.

Did you know that you can stand on eggs without breaking them?!

Building blimps and then racing them off the balcony.

After taking IOWA tests in the morning – our students really enjoyed the hands on science projects!

March JLS 2019


So excited to welcome 54 students to our March 2019 JLS session. While standardized testing and informal testing take a lot of our time, the students are looking forward to science challenges (3-6 grade), Rain forest unit (K-2nd grade), Community Helpers (Preschool), Young Peacemakers (conflict resolution training for Preschool-6th grade), Music Appreciation – learning about J. F. Handel (K-6th grade) and soccer (K-6th grade). THANKS to all our parents and teachers for helping make this JLS exciting and fun!

Around the World in February


In the past, we have had “February Fridays” – special events on Fridays in February to help make the long third quarter go a little bit faster. This year we decided to “visit” countries around the world – but we didn’t have enough Fridays – so we spread it out throughout the whole month of February.

We started by making passports. We took their pictures on a white background, of course. During the visit to each country, the students put visa stamps in their passports.

Taking Passport Pictures

(Feb. 1) – The first country was The Netherlands. We learned about their royal family, tasted some bread with sprinkles, and played several games.

Canada was our second country (Feb. 4). We learned about curling, practiced drawing the maple leaf, and tasted some REAL maple syrup.

Our third visit – February 8th – was to Australia. We sang an Australian song, listened to a popular kids story, and tasted some traditional cookies.

Our next stop was the United Kingdom – both Ireland and England. (February 13) We learned about the history of the islands, Irish Dancing, and St. Patrick.

We visited Switzerland on February 18. We heard some jokes, learned some Swiss German words, and tasted some great cheese and chocolate.

We visited France on February 21. We learned about their famous landmarks, their love of wine, chocolate and cheese, and sampled a traditional drink of cassis.

February 25, we visited South Korea. We tasted some great food, played several new games, and learned about the Korean flag.

On February 25, we visited Cameroon 🙂 We talked about the variety of foods, clothing, dances, languages, and cultures that we find around us in Cameroon. We also had a chance to learn two dances.

We finished our tour around the world by visiting the American Embassy on March 1st – where we weren’t allowed to take pictures. We did take some pictures of the picnic on the way home.