December JLS Highlights


Swimming is often mentioned as the highlight for December JLS – so we gave swimming it’s own post. Here are some other classroom highlights:

Kindergarten: Our students loved making Gingerbread cookies. It was a 3 day project – mixing the dough, cutting out the cookies and decorating them, and eating!

The 1/2 grade class learned about holidays around the World.

Learning about St. Lucia Day
Holidays around the World

The 3/4 grade class did a fun 3-day project making globes.

End of Day 1

Day 2 – painting the oceans

Day 3 – adding the continents-

5/6 grade class made topographical maps of the United States.

The end of December JLS means Christmas! But it also means that we have to say good-bye to some of our friends. We gathered on the last day for our pinning ceremony. Each student has a pin with their initials that is pinned to where they are living. Students who were moving changed their pins to recognize their change in location. We also prayed for our friends who were going back to the village and some who were leaving to go to the States.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Program


This year, we combined our JLS Christmas Program with the International Church of Yaounde’s (ICCY) worship service on Sunday, December 15th.

3-year old preschool.

The 3-year old preschool sang in French: Bonjour, Les Amis and Noël, Noël. They were a bit nervous to be in front of all of those people.

4-year old preschool and Kindergarten

The 4-year old Preschool and Kindergarten class sang  Baby Jesus We Love You & O How I Love Jesus.

1st-6th Grade

The 1st-6th graders performed the program, Signs of Christmas by Pam Andrews. Their favorite song was Deck the Halls.

It is common in Cameroon to have matching outfits made for special occasions. Don’t they look great in their Christmas outfits?!

Merry Christmas!

August 2019 JLS Specials


Our afternoons during August JLS were filled with basketball and Egyptian art. So thankful for our many parent volunteers who worked hard to make these so fun!


During our last day of JLS, we had a basketball shootout – a chance for our kids to show their parents what they learned –and also a chance for our parents to shoot as well.

Egyptian Art

Egyptian Pop Art

August JLS 2019 Highlights


It is so hard to summarize all the fun and learning that took place during our August Joint Learning Session. We studied Ancient Egypt, did research reports, played basketball, did art projects, and SO much more.

5/6 Grade Class– A few of their highlights were studying the human body and did research reports on an organ and performed a play about building the pyramids.

The 3/4 class worked hard on research projects on animals and fish and dioramas depicting Egyptian life and culture.

The 1/2 Grade class worked on superhero character traits, library skills, and did lots of hands on learning about Egypt.

The Kindergarten class met in the afternoons and focused on letters, counting, and learning about Egypt.

The 4-year old preschool class started the year with a unit on dinosaurs.

The 3-year old preschool class is a French Immersion class. They are learning body parts, weather, and emotions. They even play games in French.

December 2017 – Swimming & Singing


SWIMMING – As part of the December Joint Learning Session, our students participated in 10-days of swimming lessons at various commercial pools in Yaounde. It is a highlight for our students and they make great progress.

SINGING – Students also worked hard to learn the words to songs for our Christmas Program. Many students had speaking and solo parts as they honed their performance skills.  It was an evening of recognizing the colors of Christmas that remind us of Jesus’ birth.



Photo credit: Jason Carmean

New Beginnings



Joint Learning Session, August 2017


The 2017-18 school year began with almost 3 weeks of a Joint Learning Session.  Home school students and The Greenhouse students learned together about Ancient Rome, writing research papers, science and reviewed their math.  They learned to play basketball better and how to tie knots and how to use them!  It was a full three weeks of learning and fun!



Swimming Lessons!


Students in kindergarten through grade 6 participated in swimming lessons during the December Joint Learning Session (December 7-18, 2015).  Parents and volunteers drove kids from school to two local pools as well as were the swim instructors and helpers.  Kids (and the adults!) loved getting to swim and play in the pools every afternoon during dry season.  Great progress was made by all!

Enjoy a few pictures of our kids in their groups and during free time.



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