Joint Learning Session (JLS)


The sessions where homeschooling families participate in Yaoundé in a classroom experience are called Joint Learning Sessions (JLS), since all FES families are involved. The Greenhouse families participate in all three sessions and homeschooling families may choose which two sessions they want to attend. JLS are designed for kindergarten through grade 6. Grade 7 and 8 students attend Rain Forest International School (RFIS) for their August and April Joint Learning Sessions. Each year FES will offer Joint Learning Sessions in Yaoundé as follows:

• for three weeks in August
• for two weeks in December
• for two weeks in April

Extracurricular activities are also included in the program (Physical Education and Art in August; Swimming in December).

During each JLS, the curriculum is themed based on a five-year history rotation. The historical themes are:

Year One: Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia
Year Two: Ancient Greece and Ancient China
Year Three: Ancient Rome and The First Millennium (ca. 0-1000)
Year Four: Medieval Period (ca. 1000-1400) and Renaissance & Reformation
Year Five: Age of Science and Exploration Part I (ca. 1500-1850) and Age of Science and Exploration Part II (ca. 1500-1850)


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